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Everyone has plans and dreams for the future. Unfortunately not many of us have the inherited wealth we need to achieve those goals and aspirations. Whatever the reason, we all have a need, to plan to set money aside for retirement, Education ( school fees, University fees) weddings, a dream home or a trip around the World .

To ensure your Financial Security, a Savings Plan is essential.

The critical issue is how soon should you be doing it – the answer is always now. Unfortunately, delay always comes at a cost and that means paying more over a shorter time period. It is very important to consider carefully when setting up a savings plan.
Many people fall into the trap of forgetting to allow for inflation in their calculations, and end up with less “buying power” than they expected.

Targeting the correct amount is not difficult and TIGON Consultancy will advise and help you ensure, you have prepared for this eventuality. There are many opportunities available for people to take advantage of Savings Schemes with valuable bonuses built-in

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