Are you a Procrastinator?
Maybe not intentionally, but sometimes we tend to delay doing the important things until it turns out, well, that it’s a little late.

When it comes around to getting Health Insurance for yourself or also for your family, there could be some valid reasons for the delay. The most common reason tends to be of financial means.

The times when most people do something, is when they have been diagnosed with a medical condition or they have an accident. At that stage, it is rather a bit late. Medical exclusions are then applied by the insurance company.

Living as an Expatriate in a foreign country, we do not have the facilities nor services readily available as a national in our own respective countries. Many times we open the newspapers and read of someone’s misfortune of being in an accident, massing up large medical expenses, and there be little to no recourse of funds available.

Choosing a medical plan is not that difficult. Look around for an Insurance Broker to help you. Ask your friends whom they use. Compare different Insurance Company’s health plans.

Ask about the Insurance Companies payment methods.

Some companies do provide monthly if not bi-annual payment methods, aside from the normally annual payment.

Should you receive a proposal and it is somewhat beyond your financial capability, do not stay silent. There is no embarrassment in requesting a lower proposal that does fit your budget. Better to have “something” than nothing at all. As time goes by, one can always upgrade or down grade on your medical plans selection.

The older we get, our bodies take longer to repair themselves. A little assistance when needed in the form of a good Health Insurance Policy, ensures your recovery is a lot quicker, less painful both physically and financially.

Most problems that I have come across of late from applicants, is High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol. This, in most cases can lead to an exclusion by the insurance company.

Take action today! Make time available to start an exercise regime. Watch what you eat.

Do yourself and your body a favor, get some form of medical insurance, so that you do not become a financial liability to the hospitals in your new resident country.

Thailand, mainly Bangkok has some good and professional Medical Institutions.

Kick Procrastination to touch and enjoy a long healthy life in the years ahead.

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