Take care of yourself !

Being involved as well as interested in the health industry and related, I want to share some invaluable “It’s Good to Know” advice to help you understand the importance of taking care of your different body parts.

As we journey through life, particularly as an expat in Thailand, we encounter a diverse array of individuals, each with their own unique ways of living, varied life experiences, distinctive personalities, habits, and rich tapestry of customs and cultures.

Numerous individuals have established a self-care routine, while, on the other hand, some have a couch that bears a consistent body contour due to continuous use.

We don’t have the luxury of heading to a supermarket to purchase a vital organ crucial for our survival.

While technology is advancing, there are artificial organs and devices that can partially replicate some of our body’s essential functions. Though, nothings beats having the original, does it!

Prevention is always better than the cure.


 Stomach: Your stomach appreciates a good breakfast, as it sets the tone for the day. Skipping breakfast can leave it anxious and uneasy, impacting your overall digestion.

Kidneys: Hydration is key! Ensure you drink at least 10 glasses of water in 24 hours to keep your kidneys happy and functioning optimally. Unfortunately, alcohol does not fit into this category though it does consist a high percentage of water!

Gallbladder: Give your gallbladder a break by maintaining a regular sleep schedule. Going to sleep before 23:00 and waking up at sunrise helps support its proper function.

Small Intestines: Be kind to your small intestines by avoiding cold and overdue foods. Opt for fresh and well-cooked meals to ensure smooth digestion.

Colon: Your colon prefers moderation. Consuming excessive fried and spicy foods can make it uneasy. Balance is the key to a happy colon.

Lungs: Keep your lungs in the pink of health by avoiding inhaling smoke, whether it’s from cigarettes or polluted air. Breathe in fresh air to keep them strong.

Liver: Treat your liver kindly by limiting heavy fried foods, junk, and fast food. Alcohol in moderation is essential for maintaining a healthy liver. Yep, those bars do not need to be frequented daily, but it is fun,  is it not.

Heart: Protect your heart by being mindful of your salt and cholesterol intake. A heart-healthy diet is  vital to keep this VERY IMPORTANT organ  strong.


 Pancreas: Too much sugar can stress your pancreas. Consume sweets in moderation to avoid putting undue pressure on this crucial organ. Yep, those yummy Thai deserts, so delicious and yet, can be a little destructive.

Eyes: Show some love to your eyes by avoiding prolonged exposure to screens in the dark. Take breaks, blink often, and maintain good lighting to protect your vision.

Brain: Nurture your mental well-being by steering clear of negative thoughts. A positive mindset contributes to a healthy brain and overall well-being.

Engaging in regular exercise works wonders for the body, mind, and soul.

There are tales of centenarians who enjoyed a daily cigar and a glass of whisky, leading long and relatively healthy lives.

Due to the numerous additives and chemicals incorporated into commercially available food products, our forefathers enjoyed a diet that was superior in terms of both quality and health.

Remember, your organs are priceless, and their well-being is crucial to your overall health.

By applying these simple yet effective practices into your lifestyle, you’re investing in a healthy and happy future.


Your body is a treasure, so treat it like one!  By nurturing it, you significantly reduce the chances of requiring medical procedures due to neglect.

Like our vehicles, it is always a good idea to have an insurance policy in place for when the body or organs do “break down”, you have the mechanic ( doctor) to get you back on the road ( oops, I meant feet) again.

Find out what policy is best suited to your needs and budget by going HERE.

Safe Journey.