HOW MUCH MEDICAL INSURANCE COVER DO I NEED WHEN LIVING IN THAILAND ?   How much do you need is a good question. Many people base their decision on their budget, how much they can afford either monthly or annually. Medical treatment in Thailand can be both relatively cheap or very expensive. This also comes down to what treatment is required and to which hospital you go to. In Bangkok, Most of the Expat community go to one of the following hospitals: Bumrungrad Hospital  Sukhumvit Soi 3, Sametivej Hospital in Sukhumvit Soi 49, BNH Hospital  in Convent Road, Silom, Bangkok Hospital in Petchaburi Road, and Bangkok Hospital in Pattaya   Some of the hospitals mentioned, generally can treat all ailments, and some are more specialized eg, Bangkok Hospital, Petchaburi Road is more cardio orientated. One can go to the Thai Government Hospitals and get cheaper treatment there, but then there is the long wait. Here one would have to pay oneself. Out patient treatment is relatively inexpensive in Thailand and most people tend to forgo this option. Most of the people that I interact with are concerned about major hospital bills when admitted into a hospital for a medical procedure. It is not unheard of when some hospitals place additional services and costs in the bill that are not actually required or related to the medical condition or treatment. Having an Insurance policy in hand, does assist in the scrutinization of medical bills before they are settled by the insurance company and are not paying for unnecessary items. Going for the cheapest and lowest cover available, can come and bite you in the rear when not expected.  When you need it, you want the best

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Grand Dad has gone to work.

Grandad’s gone to work Around eight million workers are likely not to have enough money to retire when they reach state pension age, a report reveals. Age UK an established charity organisation found that half the current UK workforce aged 40 to 64 expects to have to work into their late-60s and beyond, The findings highlighted that only 17 per cent of the age group believe they will be financially secure enough to stop work. Now the charity is calling on the Government to help people plan for later life by offering a financial review at the age of 50 – while there is still time to do something about it. 

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Having your Retirement Plans on put on HOLD

I came across this article  in my Inbox this morning and it indicated how much of a worldwide problem this is. It’s sad to see elderly parents still working to provide for their adult children, or have dipped into their savings or pension and now have to put their dream retirement plans ON HOLD! When I was young, should I desire anything, it was, “there is no money, too expensive, not a priority” and similar responses. Nothing was “for free”! You either went and helped to milk the cows, feed the chickens, clean your room, or, you did not get that “chocolate / record’ you had set your eyes on. It is amazing as to how many people, or should I say adult kids, are still living with Mom and Dad, or had moved back in, as they could not “survive” out in the big world on their own. Did these people expect to have everything given to them on a plate, live on easy street and have no worries? Some tend to live in Lalaland. It all starts at home, from as young as you want to teach your children, RESPONSIBILITY, INDEPENDENCE, FINANCIAL COMMON SENSE and of course, RESPECT!

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12 Things You Need to Give Up Today To Be Successful

Just imagine: “On your last day on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become.” — Anonymous Sometimes success comes when you shed some bad habits rather than gaining new better ones.. Remember: Everyone’s idea of success is different and very relative to where they are at that moment in their own journey. It can be a Ferrari to a European business person or a glass of clean water to an African tribesman. So here are the habits we recommend to give up on starting from now: 1. Give Up On the Unhealthy Lifestyle None of your material values will mean anything at all if your body fails. It amazes me how quickly we change our priorities when we feel poorly. Nothing else matters until we are well again. In Asia we need to think of three things

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What happens to your body when you stop exercising ??

Exercise !! who needs it ? Actually, we all do. Whether it be physical or mental exercises, our bodies react in a positive rewarding and powerful manner. There are a lot of positive benefits of doing physical exercise; easier breathing, healthier skin, more energy, improved health, feel good feeling, amongst the few. Not all of us like to get out and do it. With all the excuses out there not to do, we are putting our lives at risk. Obesity is one of the worlds biggest problems. Obesity is more than just being overweight. People are considered to be obese if they have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or greater. (Those who are overweight have a BMI of 25 to 29.9) Obesity increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, some types of cancer, and even dementia later in life. The most common problems that I come across are people who have High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol. For those already overweight, “Weight loss will lower risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke as well as cancer, so there are many good reasons to get back into shape, balance the food we eat with sufficient exercise, and avoid more weight gain or get some pounds off.”

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Life Insurance for the Expat in Thailand and SE Asia

There is a lot of movement of people from the West to the East. What are the reasons for people relocating? Is it due to the wish for a better climate, work offers, business opportunities, health, economics or retirement? These are just a few of the many reasons for this movement. Landing in a foreign country does have its ups and downs, and getting acquainted with the laws, cultural differences, languages, etc. can be daunting but exciting. There are some life’s priorities that need to be addressed, namely Health Insurance, Bank accounts, Wills and of course Life Insurance. What should we look for in a Life Insurance Policy? Why take out a Life Insurance policy. People take out a policy for various reasons:

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Tigon Consultancy joins with A Plus Health to provide better options for expats

In the 3rd quarter of 2015, Tigon Consultancy signed up with a new provider to Thailand and the Asia Pacific region. A Plus Health insurance provide a variety of plan benefit options to persons residing in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia , Indonesia and the Philippine regions. This now brings a total TEN (10) International Health Insurance companies from whom to select great Health plans from Tigon.

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Do you suffer from Gout ?

I came across this article today which I felt was an interesting read. Our lifestyles have changed over the years as well as our exercise regimes. Please feel free to forward to your friends and other close contacts for whom this may be of interest. I post various Health related articles for information purposes only. Please do your own research and if need be, consult your doctor before commencing any new programs.

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Are you a Procrastinator ?

Are you a Procrastinator? Maybe not intentionally, but sometimes we tend to delay doing the important things until it turns out, well, that it’s a little late. When it comes around to getting Health Insurance for yourself or also for your family, there could be some valid reasons for the delay. The most common reason tends to be of financial means.

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