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9 Things to do In Thailand, before you die!

Preparation is key. Where you expecting some touristy things to do?  You have most probably done many of the activities that the tourists who come to Thailand are doing. Discovering new places and attractions, trying out the many delicious Thai foods and fruits and enjoying the slow pace of life. I am sorry, but this is not that type of list. There is more serious tone to this. For many expats who have retired, planning to retire, or are retiring in Thailand and are living in Thailand, many of us will die in Thailand. Thai funeral in Thailand A grim heading!  I agree, yet for many of us Expats, these are most neglected actions we take. I know it will happen. I will most probably be one of the expats who will die in Thailand. I just do not know when. That’s life. We will all die one day. Until then, to ease the difficulty of your loved ones, you need to prepare for the inevitable and I mean documentation wise. I am sure that there are many Expats in Thailand who have not even considered the complications that would occur when they die here in Thailand.

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Smoking vs Vaping in Thailand.

Do you smoke or vape, in Thailand?  Maybe a change in habit and lifestyle is on the cards. All my life, I have grown up with people smoking around me, whether it be cigarettes, cigars or pipe and tobacco. When one is young of course, we are going to try it out. Yes, some members of my family and friends have resumed that “habit” and others have not. Back in the day, it was the norm in movies and various adverts to show people smoking. Remember the Marlboro man adverts?                     The Marlboro brand was the top-selling cigarette brand in the country throughout the 70’s decade, known for its iconic “Marlboro Man” advertising campaign. The Camel brand was another popular choice among smokers in the 1970s, with its iconic camel mascot and the slogan “I’d walk a mile for a Camel” As I grew older and frequented bars etc, it was part of the atmosphere and it sure disguised the smell of spilt alcohol on the bar carpeted floor. Those were the “good ol’ days”!   Group of young people having fun at the nightclub, at the bar counter. What was not so pleasant was coming home after spending time in the company of smokers, whether at work or a bar, and having to wash your clothes and have a bath before going to bed. The smell of your clothes was a bit too much.

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New Years Resolution ??

Take care of yourself ! Being involved as well as interested in the health industry and related, I want to share some invaluable "It's Good to Know" advice to help you understand the importance of taking care of your different body parts. As we journey through life, particularly as an expat in Thailand, we encounter a diverse array of individuals, each with their own unique ways of living, varied life experiences, distinctive personalities, habits, and rich tapestry of customs and cultures. Numerous individuals have established a self-care routine, while, on the other hand, some have a couch that bears a consistent body contour due to continuous use. We don't have the luxury of heading to a supermarket to purchase a vital organ crucial for our survival. While technology is advancing, there are artificial organs and devices that can partially replicate some of our body's essential functions. Though, nothings beats having the original, does it! Prevention is always better than the cure.                                                                     Stomach: Your stomach appreciates a good breakfast, as it sets the tone for the day. Skipping breakfast can leave it anxious and uneasy, impacting your overall digestion. Kidneys: Hydration is key! Ensure you drink at least 10 glasses of water in 24 hours to keep your kidneys happy and functioning optimally. Unfortunately, alcohol does not fit into this category though it does consist a high percentage of water! Gallbladder: Give your gallbladder a break by maintaining a regular sleep schedule. Going to sleep before 23:00 and waking up at sunrise helps

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Comprehensive Medical Insurance in Thailand

Ensuring Comprehensive Medical Insurance Coverage While Living in Thailand When it comes to your health and well-being in a foreign country like Thailand, the question of how much medical insurance coverage you need is of paramount importance. Determining the right amount involves considering various factors, including your budget, healthcare needs, and peace of mind. Medical treatment in Thailand exhibits a wide spectrum of costs, varying from relatively affordable to quite expensive. The expenses you might incur depend on the type of treatment required and the hospital you choose.

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