The right Health Insurance cover in today’s world, is no longer a luxury, but is a necessity.

When we move to a new country like Thailand, we do not have the support system we had in our home countries

This should be an interesting question.

Were I to ask you to give me $1.00 every month and I will give you $10,000.00 when you crash your car, you would most probably agree.

It’s about being in the pound seat and getting the money and of course, low risk to you.

Should I suggest that you apply and pay for your own Health Insurance cover, you would very possibly decline.

Why is that?

Do you feel that you:

  1. Are very healthy and do not need Health Insurance
  2. Not a risky person
  3. Can’t afford the premium
  4. Think that it is a waste of money


People often think at Health Insurance can be put at the back of the queue with the thought of “It’s not going to happen to me”!

Unfortunately, even the healthiest of athlete’s get injured or worse, die. Death and illnesses do not discriminate who gets effected.  Of recent global pandemic, COVID effected millions of people, directly or indirectly. Were the deaths attributed to the vaccine? I think that the jury is still out with that one.

Yet still the people that got ill, were treated at a medical institution and their treatment was covered by a Health Insurance policy. I do not know how many people were not treated due to financial issues.

Covid was just one Global incident. We have vehicle or motorcycle accidents, sports injuries or even fall down the stairs and suffer serious injuries, this is where the Medical Insurance comes to your rescue.

Health Insurance is extremely important. And there are no faith-based values attached to it. It’s not a question of luck, or a game of chance.

When we at Tigon Consultancy, select Health insurance policies for our clients, our aim is simple: we transfer the risk from families, hard-working professionals, and even corporate clients who can’t afford this risk to insurance companies who can.

Insurance isn’t personal. It’s mathematical. Insurance companies pool risk, and the price at a premium. So, if the statistics say that 1 in 100 people from your age group or team will have an accident, be made redundant, hospitalised or even pass on this year, the insurance company computes this probability. It designs its pools and premiums to take this into account. For them, it’s business as usual.


Now this is important. Should the unthinkable happen to you, it doesn’t matter to the Health insurance company as the other 99 clients in the pool are still paying their premiums. They’re only losing 1% in premium. Should you be the one a life-changing incident has happened to, the loss to you, your family, or your business is 100%. And that is can be devastating.

In the end, it is that Health insurance coverage is one of the most effective forms of risk management available to you. By paying a premium, you’re avoiding the possibility of suffering a 100% loss.

Always opt for Health insurance cover. It’s the best way we have, to pass the risk from you, your family, and your loved ones to insurance companies – who are designed to manage and afford it.

We don’t want bad things to happen. But we also want to make sure you’re 100% prepared in case – just in case – they do.

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