I came across this article  in my Inbox this morning and it indicated how much of a worldwide problem this is.

It’s sad to see elderly parents still working to provide for their adult children, or have dipped into their savings or pension and now have to put their dream retirement plans ON HOLD!

When I was young, should I desire anything, it was, “there is no money, too expensive, not a priority” and similar responses.

Nothing was “for free”! You either went and helped to milk the cows, feed the chickens, clean your room, or, you did not get that “chocolate / record’ you had set your eyes on.

It is amazing as to how many people, or should I say adult kids, are still living with Mom and Dad, or had moved back in, as they could not “survive” out in the big world on their own. Did these people expect to have everything given to them on a plate, live on easy street and have no worries? Some tend to live in Lalaland.

It all starts at home, from as young as you want to teach your children, RESPONSIBILITY, INDEPENDENCE, FINANCIAL COMMON SENSE and of course, RESPECT!

Clean your room, maintain good grades at school, help around the house, and yes, you will be rewarded. When you purchase something out of your OWN MONEY, that you made doing chores, etc, you tend to look after that item with more care, than something that was given to you.

Teach the children the art of saving- putting their weekly pocket money into a piggy bank, or if you had set one up, a savings bank account in your childs’ name. Help them set up eg lemonade stand, selling fruit or vegetables, car wash. They can start saving for that new bicycle, mobile phone, telescope, shoes, car, motorcycle. They will respect you more and also THANK YOU for giving them that education.

Love hurts. It hurts you more to see their pain, but who said life is easy.

The number of people living, or should I rather say, depending on state benefits, personally I feel are darn lazy, have no pride or self – esteem. LAZY tends to stand out more.

You want it, go work for it, even if the position is “below” you. Swallow your pride and earn your way.

I take my hat off to those whom have come from a penniless and poverty stricken environment, but have then reached out and caught that star and ACHIEVED THEIR DREAM.

When you see even someone with a disability, they BELIEVED in themselves and went out and DID IT and SUCCEEDED.

I am not saying don’t love your kids, but there comes a time when you have to stand firm and say “NO”!

Education is not only what you get at a school, college or university. Life is one big lesson that many of us are still learning to cope with.

Would you like to help your child get a good footing for their financial future, give me a call and lets discuss this over a coffee.