In the 3rd quarter of 2015, Tigon Consultancy signed up with a new provider to Thailand and the Asia Pacific region. A Plus Health insurance provide a variety of plan benefit options to persons residing in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia , Indonesia and the Philippine regions.

This now brings a total TEN (10) International Health Insurance companies from whom to select great Health plans from Tigon.

Tigon Consultancy based in Bangkok have for two years become established as the Health Insurance leaders  in the field of providing bespoke health insurance to expats in South East Asia.

We spoke with the Principal: Steve Hockaday in Bangkok Recently:

With 2016 upon us  I am looking forward to another great and successful year.

I’ve been active in the Health Insurance business over the past 8 yrs., I launched Tigon Consultancy in December 2013, to provide a stable home, a solid and reliable service to existing and new clients alike.

During the course of 2015, the company has grown chiefly in the Medical Insurance arena, in both in the individual Insurance policy holder as well as the group Insurance policy holders.

Claims have been very few, hence a number of members will; upon their renewal, receive a no-claims discount from their respective Insurance companies.

A very encouraging sign is the continual inflow of new people and businesses to Thailand, taking advantage of the lovely weather, food and low cost of living (each one to their own).

Many new retirees from Europe, UK and the USA, tend to move to areas such as Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand, Pattaya on the Eastern seaboard and Phuket in the South.

Hua Hin not far from Bangkok, known for its many golf courses and clean beaches, is also becoming more popular.”

Tigon Consultancy has a very good Health Insurance group scheme for people wanting to take advantage of low group scheme premiums, but high level of cover, whether an In-patient only plan or accompanied with Out-patient cover.

Many retirees to Thailand are under the impression that Medical Insurance is expensive.

Having Pre-existing medical conditions, does make the selection of companies less, but for persons up to the age of 74, medical insurance cover can still be obtained.

Thailand in particular can be very economical in living costs, but when it comes down to major medical procedures, costs rise rather steeply. It is not advisable to rely on a travel insurance policy whilst residing in SE Asia, as the small print which many people fail to read, lets’ people down.

With more people settling down in Thailand and starting families, there is a continual growing need for sound financial planning in providing financial security for the years ahead. Due diligence is taken seriously before any products are placed in front of any interested parties.

Providing for future educational expenses (university, college) as well as retirement is a necessity that many people in transit fail to initiate. Many products are portable, hence where ever you relocate, a client can continue with that policy.

Do not hesitate to enquire about any of the above services that Tigon Consultancy provides.  You can click here to contact us.