Are you a Procrastinator ?

Are you a Procrastinator? Maybe not intentionally, but sometimes we tend to delay doing the important things until it turns out, well, that it’s a little late. When it comes around to getting Health Insurance for yourself or also for your family, there could be some valid reasons for the delay. The most common reason tends to be of financial means.

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What does retirement mean to you? Will it be when you have worked your fingers to the bone, having saved as much money as possible to fulfill your ‘bucket list’ of dreams? Sadly for many people, that is all but a glorious illusion. On both side of the Atlantic there is a similarity is the attitudes of the working people who are approaching nearing retirement. The concept of retiring at 65 is fast becoming a myth.

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How prepared are you for Retirement ?

No matter your age, there will come a time when you need to lay down your tools and put up your feet. Some people would like to retire earlier than the government stipulated retirement age. Many like to retire to Tropical destinations in SE Asia like Thailand, Philippine’s, Indonesia where they hope their money will give them that little bit more spending power, as well as a reasonable quality lifestyle . The questions you need to ask yourself:

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Health Insurance for Expats in Thailand I enjoyed the movies series “The  Highlander “with Duncan McLeod, but I have never met anyone like him in real life This is reality. We are not getting any younger and there is no crystal ball “guiding “us . We just do not know what will be thrown at us in this life we lead as an Expat. Having a Health Insurance policy for yourself and or family, backed by an International Health Insurance Company, provides you with:

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